China Made New 320D C4.4 Diesel Injector 320-0680 Common Rail .Video
Type Common Rail Injector
art Number 320-0680
OE No.
Application 320D Series Injector


Quality China made brand new
SKU G1W2002645A747/G2C60003200680
Size 20cm*10 cm *10 cm


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1. 320-0680 Injector Introduction

Fuel injector is the most critical and complex part in common rail system, and it is also the most difficult part in design and process. By controlling the opening and closing of the solenoid valve, the ECU injects the fuel in the high-pressure fuel rail into the combustion chamber with the best fuel injection timing, fuel injection quantity and fuel injection rate.

2. 320-0680 Injector Basic Information

Title China Made New Common Rail 320D Diesel Injector 320-0680
SKU1 G1W2002645A747
SKU2 G2C60003200680

3. 320-0680 Injector Common Part Number

 (1)  Injector Exchange Information

Injector Part Number Re-manufactured Part Number OE Number Replace Part Number
320-0680 10R-7672 2645A747 306-9380
3200680 10R7672 2645A734 3069380
2645A718 292-3780
Car Model Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model Engine Model
Caterpillar 320D Perkins C4.4, C6.6  
M318D M318D MH M322D M322D MH  
ENGINE – GENERATOR SET C4.4 C4.4DE110E C4.4DE65E3 C4.4DE88E0 C4.4DE88E3
CP-54B CS-54 CS-54B CS-64B CW-34
TH417C TH514C TL943C C4.4
ASPHALT PAVER BG500E AP-500E AP555E BG55E 430 4505530

4. 320-0680 Injector Quality Control

  • Injector Testing

All injector spare parts are tested for electrical characteristics, accuracy, high temperature, low temperature, withstand voltage, leakage, durability, and various working conditions.

  • Injector Assembling

And the quality control of the injector production and installation process, our company strictly follows the standard product installation Data and product installation steps to install, such as injector stroke test, injector solenoid valve tightening torque, injector nozzle tightening torque.

  • Injector Inspection

The factory inspection of the injector is undergone full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection three inspections. Different brands of test benches are used to test the same fuel injector for a total of no less than three times for factory inspection, and the fuel injector installation testing environment are progressed in dust-free workshop.

5. 320-0680 Injector Warranty Instructions

  • Product Warranty Conditions and Instructions

It is necessary to provide pictures, videos, or test reports detected by the injector inspection equipment when the injector is abnormal during use as evidence to feed back to the salesman.

Abnormal conditions are properly explained such as:1.Smoke, 2. Engine shake, 3. Difficulty starting the engine, 4. Engine noise, 5. oil leakage etc.

  • Injector Warranty Coverage

Within 15 days after customer receives the 320-0680 injector, if there is a performance failure and the product has no appearance damage, customer can choose to replace it or repair it;

If the 320-0680 injector has performance problems during the warranty period (6-12 months), and it is confirmed that it is product’s problems after testing, you can contact our salesmen to replace the same model or a reworked product with the same performance for free;

If the injector house has obvious scratches, it can only be repaired and it will be returned as it is if the product is confirmed to be fault-free.

  • Injector Out of WarrantyCoverage

The warranty period has expired.

Injector failure caused by high temperature, high pressure, humidity, rain and snow, saline-alkali land, earthquake, and used in abnormal environment.

Customer disassembles or repairs the injector personally resulting in damage to the injector.

Injector damage caused by man-made reasons (throwing, strong magnetic field magnetization, set fire).

Injector failure or injector damage caused by non-injector design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues.

Injector failure due to system pressure exceeding system approved pressure.

Injector failure caused by system voltage exceeding approved voltage.

Injector failure caused by impurities (water, lead, aluminum powder, iron powder, sulfide) in the system fuel exceeding the standard requirements.

Injector failure caused by not installing according to the tightening torque specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual (the tightening torque is too large or too small).

Injector failure caused by not following the installation angle specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

Injector failure caused by not following the cleaning requirements specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

Injector failure caused by failure to replace consumable parts as specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

Injector failure caused by not complying with the intake system fit clearance and exhaust system fit clearance requirements specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.

Failure to replace the consumable parts and the fitting clearance of the oil inlet system pipeline and the fuel injector connection in accordance with the fuel intake system specified in the vehicle engine maintenance manual.


6. 320-0680 Injector Reasons of Not Working Normally

  • There is air in the oil circuit of the engine fuel system.
  • Vehicle oil pump oil supply system is not normal.
  • Engine common rail system oil leakage or pressure limiting valve damage.
  • There is a short circuit, cutting out and poor contact in the wiring harness connected to the fuel injector of the vehicle.
  • The long-term placement of the injector causes the anti-rust oil to solidify, and the internal components are stuck or the oil holes are blocked.
  • Before installing, carefully check whether other components in the common rail system except the fuel injector are damaged so as to prevent the fuel injector from not working properly after being replaced.

7. 320-0680 Injector Causes to Damage 

  • Don’t operate properly according to engine maintenance manual during dis-assembly or installation, resulting in damage to the injector .
  • The fuel oil used for the vehicle does not meet the standard cause damage to the injector, such as: the water content in the fuel oil exceeds the standard, iron powder, aluminum powder, sulfide impurities exceed the standard, etc.
  • The engine is not regularly maintained according to the engine maintenance manual (please refer to the vehicle maintenance manual for the maintenance mileage). For example, failure to replace the lubricating oil of the engine system for a long time will cause abnormal wear of the engine, excessive exhaust gas volume or a large amount of carbon deposits inside the engine. The filter is not replaced during maintenance or the replaced filter cannot reach the original filter standard. all above reasons can cause damage to the injector.
  • The abrasion of the oil pump produces iron powder and aluminum powder enter the fuel injector and cause damage to the fuel injector.
  • The deformation and abrasion of fuel tank result in iron powder or aluminum powder entering the fuel injector and causing damage to the fuel injector.
  • The fuel injector is damaged due to replacement or adjustment of the relevant parts of the fuel injector. For example, the valve clearance does not meet the standard after the engine is repaired, the replacement or modification of the wiring harness connected to the injector fails to meet the original standard.
  • The engine is overheated and overloaded for a long time working results in damage to the fuel injector.
  • The injector will be damaged naturally at the end of its working life.
  • The injector is magnetized (injector parts’ magnetic exceeded) causing the injector to not work properly.
  • Before replacing the fuel injector, please check the engine parts carefully according to the engine maintenance manual to avoid the fuel injector being damaged again after replacement.

8. 320-0680 Injector Packing

Domestic express packaging:Usually wrapped in waterproof scotch tape, such as picture No.1.


Pic No. 1

International express packaging:Wrapped with waterproof yellow tape After wrapping the black protective film, such as picture No. 2.


Pic No. 2

Pallet Shipping:Use fumigation free and recycling trays that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties for the outside, such as picture No. 3,


Pic No. 3

Also, the products can be packaged according to customers’ requirements.

  • The packing tray is made of plastic and can be recycled.
  • Transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, white wrapping protective film are non degradable materials, please dispose of them properly.
  • Minors are prohibited from using transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, and white wrapping protective film to avoid personal injury.




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